Some of my recent work.

  • Candidate Profile

    Candidate Profile

    A piece of software I designed that manages job applicants on web, tablet and mobile.

  • Social Badges

    Social Badges

    A series of hundreds of social gamification badges I designed for recognition software.

  • Tiny Troops

    Tiny Troops

    iPhone texting game that I helped create and did all original artwork for. View in iTunes

  • MTM Recognition

    MTM Recognition

    Corporate website design with SEO optimization. View Site

  • Sign Up Sheet

    Sign Up Sheet

    An iPad app I did the design work for. Very simply sign up! View in iTunes

  • Build a Job Application

    Build a Job Application

    New tool I designed for administrators to be able to create job listings easily.

  • Are you a HTTPSTER?

    Are you a HTTPSTER?

    A booth design for a college job fair searching for young talent.

  • MTM Awards

    MTM Awards

    A site selling awards. I did the design and artwork to allow for dynamic customization. View Site

  • Applicant Tracking Software

    Applicant Tracking Software

    I recently designed and re-worked the apply for a job process, streamlining it from 35 clicks to 14.

  • Angry Gunner

    Angry Gunner

    An iPhone game. Simple imagery and intense game play. View on iTunes

  • Talladega Nights Trophy

    Talladega Nights Trophy

    I designed this trophy used at Talladega and then in the movie Talladega Nights.

  • Specific Cards

    Specific Cards

    These business cards point to a specific kind of photography depending on potential client.

  • Company News

    Company News

    A glance at sample of a series of monthly mailers.

  • Poster Series

    Poster Series

    These posters line the walls of a church mentioning the 7 core values they strive for.

  • Calendar


    A series of drawings of women then put into abstract scenes for use in a calendar.

  • Woman of Joy

    Woman of Joy

    A series of speaking engagements and events with handouts and posters to advertise.

  • Business Cards

    Business Cards

    Several cards printed for individuals over the past few years.

  • iJournaler


    An iPad app, I did the graphic work. View on iTunes

  • POV Video

    POV Video

    A couple guys and I wrote, shot and produced this piece. Used a custom camera using goggles and a Flip.

  • The Dropper

    The Dropper

    An iPhone game. I was responsible for the artwork. View on iTunes

  • Fun Panda

    Fun Panda

    A business I co-own. I did conceptual design and image work for the website. View Site

  • Verbatim Reporting

    Verbatim Reporting

    A court reporting site I made for a firm in OKC using wordpress. I did photography too. View Site

  • Creative Video

    Creative Video

    Produced this video for a client. I did the drawing and came up with the concept.

  • Seth McConkey

    Seth McConkey

    A musician’s site. I did the site using wordpress.

  • High 5ive

    High 5ive

    A new initiative to build company culture.

  • EnFuego


    A fun look for a sports team, fantasy or real.

  • Rise Together

    Rise Together

    A sales initiative.

  • The Bocce Club OKC

    The Bocce Club OKC

    I started a club in OKC that has two leagues a week.

  • Mad Moose

    Mad Moose

    A software company.

  • Eubanks & McCoy

    Eubanks & McCoy

    A financial planning and insurance firm.

  • Abstract


    Acrylic on canvas full of feeling. each is 18″ x 24″

  • Music


    An oil on wood, my boy playing, me painting. 12″ x 12″

  • Weeds


    A charcoal and oil pastel on mat board. 3’6″ x 2’6″

  • Love


    A micro charcoal, showing the love an aunt has for her niece. 6″ x 6″

  • Me, Myself and I

    Me, Myself and I

    This is a portrait of myself, oil on canvas. 3’6″ x 4’6″

  • Drive


    A stylized ink started in a meeting. 10″ x 6″

  • Inspired


    Many of my works mimic Salvador Dali. Oil on canvas. 24″ x 18″

  • Brooklyn


    Pencil, paying attention to perspective. 12″ x 12″

  • Old Man

    Old Man

    Oil Pastel on brown construction paper, focused on detail. 8″ x 10″

  • CRBC


    A series of collateral i produced for a church in Oklahoma.

  • Kings Kids

    Kings Kids

    A group of disabled children who I volunteered to spend time with and help get the word out.